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Image of MarshMellow Fluffy Dice

MarshMellow Fluffy Dice

Ive got to say it � Ive been looking at your car for a while now and its looking pretty darn tasty. But you know what would finish it off a treat? Thats right � a couple of delicious Marsh Mellow Fluffy Dice, hanging from your mirror! Every time...

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Image of PICAXE Dice Project Kit (25)

PICAXE Dice Project Kit (25)

PICAXE 08 Electronic Dice Project Set of 25 PICAXE KIT p This low cost project uses an 8 pin microcontroller to create a random output electronic dice display with LED spots The kit includes extensive project notes that go from an introduction to the...

Image of Invicta 053459 Polyhedra Dice Set

Invicta 053459 Polyhedra Dice Set

Invicta Polyhedra Dice Set Invicta 053459 P This comprehensive set of 162 plastic dice is supplied in a carry case for easy storage P P The set includes dice of various shapes and numbers of sides and is ideal for learning about numbers counting arithmetic...

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