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Image of Fluffimals Starter Pack

Fluffimals Starter Pack

Create, design and bring to life your very own Fluffy Friend with Fluffimals. Turn and twist the handles of the Fluffimals Fluffy Factory and watch as your Fluffimal comes to life! This creative craft cuddly toy gives you all you need to create your own...

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Image of Oonies Inflator Starter Pack

Oonies Inflator Starter Pack

Inflate, stick and create! With Oonies the only limit is your imagination! Oonies are the inflatable mini balloons that magically stick together! Using the Oonies Inflator Starter Pack you can inflate Oonies then stick them together to create an ooniverse...

Image of Rapid Wire Starter Pack

Rapid Wire Starter Pack

Rapid Education Wire Starter Pack Rapid KIT p A substantial kit containing a wide array of wire related consumables p Rapid Wire Starter Pack

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