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Image of Messi Training Station

Messi Training Station

Now you can practise training like your football hero Lionel Messi. Use the Training Station to improve your passing, ball control, shooting and accuracy. Then pass the ball up the plastic sheet, then watch the ball roll up and come back to you, practise...

Image of Lionel Messi Auto Trainer

Lionel Messi Auto Trainer

Now you can practice training like your football hero Lionel Messi. Use the Auto Trainer to improve your heading, foot control and skills. Place the ball on the launcher, step on the foot bar to mimic a throw in or long ball pass, then practice your control...

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Image of Messi Training 2in1 Footvolley

Messi Training 2in1 Footvolley

With the Messi Training 2 in 1 Footvolley, you can learn to target just like Messi! Sharpen your shooting skills, header balls over the net; practicing your accuracy and control. Then volley the ball into target holes. The 2 in 1 footvolley can also be...

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