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Image of Constantin Flower Maze Puzzle

Constantin Flower Maze Puzzle

Beautifully made, can you buzz around the flower's petals and extract the pollen ball? Turn and flip the puzzle to move the ball between the two tiers. Success will smell so sweet.

Image of Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Kitty

Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Kitty

As white as milk and as soft as silk, Fuddlewuddle Kitty, from Jellycat, is one cute moggy.Stuffed Animals Shop At House Of Fraser

Image of Kitty Coin Bank

Kitty Coin Bank

Kitty Coin Bank You entrusted your money to the banks, so why not entrust your shrapnel to this cute kitten in a box. Simply place a coin in his food bowl and the little kitty will snatch it before disappearing with a heartbreaking meow. Already big...

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