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Image of 101 Cocktail Scratch Poster

101 Cocktail Scratch Poster

“Too little time, too many cocktail options” – if that thought has ever crossed your mind then it’s about time you looked at our 101 Cocktail Scratch Poster. Whether you want to mark off the delicious beverage you’ve just...

Image of 101 Things To Do With The Family Scratch Poster

101 Things To Do With The Family Scratch Poster

Calling all parents.  We all know how important days out are, the need for some family bonding and shared experiences, but be honest how many disagreements ensue as planning takes place?  Well, guess what?  You’ll be delighted to...

Image of 3D Angled Table Light

3D Angled Table Light

If you’re looking for some lighting but a bit bored of the status quo then look no further than our rather fabulous 3D Angle Light. The shade is made from space saving flat acrylic glass, that thanks to some cunning design and clever workmanship...

Image of 3D Baffle Puzzle

3D Baffle Puzzle

A serious brain buster of a puzzle designed to stretch even the most academic amongst you has arrived in the form of the new 3D Baffle Puzzle. To start, just remove the marked button and you are ready to begin. Mix up all the remaining coloured buttons...

Image of 3D Multi Coloured Unicorn Mug

3D Multi Coloured Unicorn Mug

If, when you down tools after a hard day’s work, you love nothing more than a nice cup of tea, or maybe you enjoy a good strong coffee to perk you up in the morning, then how could this not be improved by the power of the unicorn?   When...

Image of A4 Colour Changing Light Up Message Board

A4 Colour Changing Light Up Message Board

There is no denying that we love our light boards here at Genie HQ, in fact we thought we’d seen it all when it comes to getting your message up in lights. Well, that was until the Light Up Message Board was delivered – a flowing colour change...

Image of A5 Black and White Cinema Light Box

A5 Black and White Cinema Light Box

You may know that we currently stock an A4 Cinema Light Box and we love it! But when we spotted this A5 Black and White Letters Cinema Light Box beauty (slightly smaller than our original version) we couldn’t resist stocking up. Our A5 Black and...

Image of Air shot - Hovering Ball Shooting Game

Air shot - Hovering Ball Shooting Game

There are games and there are GAMES and we think that the Air Shot Hovering Ball Shooting Game fits into the second category thanks to the rather funky air shot technology. The long and the short of it is that the Hovering Ball Shooting Game is pretty...

Image of Airzooka


How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man? Yes, 'n how many seas must a white dove sail, before she sleeps in the sand? Quality questions indeed, courtesy of the legendary Bob Dylan. But when he penned the classic Blowin' In The...

Image of All-Seeing Eye

All-Seeing Eye

If we were honest most of us would probably admit to making at least one life decision based on horoscopes, fortune tellers or perhaps a Magic8 ball – or is that just us? Anyway, confession over as fans of the mystic we think that the All Seeing...

Image of Animal Cookie Cups

Animal Cookie Cups

Are you one of those people who loves to nibble on something sweet at coffee time? We are great fans of the biscuit here at GenieGadgets but are constantly the victims of unintentional spillage thanks to the coffee ‘v’ treat juggle. Not a...

Image of Animal Planet Pixel Bricks

Animal Planet Pixel Bricks

Take a leaf out of Noah’s book and start your own formidable animal collection with or Animal Planet Pixel Bricks. Regardless of whether you think there may be an upcoming flood or not, it’s always good practice to test out your animal collecting...

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